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About Peninsula Educational Services and Andrea S. Shor, Director

Andrea S. Shor, Director of Peninsula Educational Services, has been in the field of special education since 1972. She has earned a Masters Degree in Special Education from San Francisco State University, 1977, and possesses two life-time teaching credentials K-9, for teaching regular education and special education children which was issued by the State of California, Teacher Preparation and Licensing Division. She has taught courses in reading and metacognition at the university levels and has been a presenter for the Learning Disabilities Association, national, state and local levels, Association for Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities, and the Association of Educational Therapists. She has been a presenter for the Parent Participation Cooperative Nursery Association and for local Parent Teacher Associations. In the past, she has also conducted workshops for private and public schools for Santa Clara County Office of Education, Fortuna School District, and special education and private schools in Contra Costa and San Mateo Counties.

Her training was as a special day class teacher for Ventura and San Mateo County Office of Education where she worked with children ages 6 - 10 with neurological, attention, language, and learning disorders. For 4 years, she worked for the State of California Department of Education as a Diagnostic Teacher and as part of a multi-disciplinary team of specialists who assessed children ages 6 - 18 from school districts in Northern California. For two years, she worked for Santa Clara County Office of Education as a Program Specialist for 8 school districts and provided assessment and recommendations for placing children with attention, language, and learning disorder in non-public schools, district and county based programs.

In 1981, following almost 10 years in public education, she founded Peninsula Educational Services, a private practice which had the mission of identifying, assessing, and teaching children, adolescents, and adults with learning, language, attention, and cognitive disorders. In 1990, Andrea developed the Cognitive Skills Training Curriculum for children ages 6 to 13 who needed systematic instruction in basic language and perceptual skills using Mediated Learning Experiences, a technique created by Reuven Feuerstein, an Israeli Psychologist. Andrea has been trained by Mogens Jensen, Ph.d, a colleague of Feuerstein, in a culture-free, language-free assessment called the Learning Potential Assessment Device, a battery of tests which identifies the conceptual, perceptual, and language strategies required to teach children with cognitive, attention, and language disorders. Ms. Shor has 31 years experience administering cognitive, language, perceptual, and educational tests to identify children, adolescents, and adults with learning, language, and educational deficits. She has assessed thousands of children during her 31 years of providing psycho-educational testing. She has also provided advice for parents who want to place their children in public and private schools, has attended or helped parents prepare for IEP meetings, and has been called as an expert witness in fair hearings or Regional Center litigation. She is a past member of the Association of Educational Therapists, Learning Disability Association, and Council of Exceptional Children.

My Mission Statement by Andrea Shor

My inspiration for founding Peninsula Educational Services was to provide a compassionate and caring practice to help both the parent and their child. I have found that many parents of children with learning difficulties need a caring, sympathetic, and patient practitioner who is willing to help them de-mystify and understand their child’s learning abilities and learning style. It has been my mission to be a constant support system to both the child and the parent by always being available to listen and provide advice as needed. It has been my goal to communicate to both the parents and their children that they can count on me to be their support, advocate, and sounding board. I have the patience, wisdom, and many years of experience in the public and private school system to be able to provide realistic, fair, and wise advice regarding their child’s learning needs.

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