Special Ed Clinic
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How Do You Know If Your Child Needs Us?

Peninsula Educational Services has been providing innovative educational solutions for children, adolescents, and adults with learning disabilities since 1981. If your child experiences any of these learning challenges, consider contacting us for further consultation and testing.

  • Difficulty following oral or written directions
  • Difficulty paying attention and focusing
  • Difficulty processing verbal directions
  • Easily distracted by background noise
  • Says “what” a lot or there are lapses in auditory processing
  • Slow rate of writing
  • Difficulty holding a pencil or forming letters
  • Difficulty with short term auditory or visual memory
  • Difficulty learning the alphabet and the sounds for the alphabet
  • Difficulty learning to read, write, spell, and memorize math facts
  • Homework takes longer to do than expected
  • Difficulty generalizing and learning new language concepts
  • Child seems exhausted and tired after the school day
  • Problems remembering classroom instruction even after homework
  • Difficulties with reading comprehension and word problems
  • Interested in learning but effort does not translate to good grades
  • You or your child’s teacher have noticed that your child is easily frustrated when learning new information
  • Difficulty pronouncing words or remembering a word
  • Your child may fidget or have difficulty sitting still