Special Ed Clinic
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Creating a School or Parent Plan

Following the review of the file and a classroom visit, a school and parent plan is created which will describe the actions and services needed to appropriately serve the educational needs of your child. The School Plan can involve the classroom teacher or any specialist working with your child. The Parent Plan provides specific actions or strategies that the parent needs to follow to help their child. An example of a recommendation for the School Plan would be accommodations for a child who is having difficulties following and understanding directions such as: seat the child closer to the teacher, have a study buddy next to the child to interpret directions, or provide visuals such as written directions, pictures, or gestures to help the child process directions. An example of a recommendation for the Parent Plan is to contact the child’s pediatrician to have a medical exam to determine if allergies are affecting learning or contact an audiologist for in depth audiological evaluation to determine if a central auditory processing disorder is affecting learning. After developing a School and Parent Plan, the parent may not need any more services, or can opt for more in depth services such as assessment, screening, or educational therapy/special education tutoring.